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Delivery Policy


Thank you for visiting and shopping at Anim8stories.

Following are the terms and conditions that constitute our Delivery Policy :

Project Production time

Once the we begin animating, it will take 3 weeks for our video production to be completed. Revisions will take 2/3 working days to execute. Video drafts will be delivered in mp4 format through Dropbox to our customers via email.


Production Process:

The Parties agrees to the production process below:

  1. The parties will work together on the scripting and creative ideas for the animation videos.

  2. They will collaborate by using the Google Drive Folder, Basecamp & Requirements Document.

  3. They will have a meeting to go through the requirements document and creative ideas.

  4. The Customer will select their favorite voiceover artist and music track to use for both videos.

  5. We will get the voiceover and animation video produced.

  6. The Customer will review the video and note the relevant amendments they would like to make to the video.

  7. We will re-deliver the video with the amendments completed.



*Once the voiceover scripts have been approved by the Customer, they can no longer be changed.*

Our Refund Policy provides detailed information about options and procedures for returning your order.

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