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Custom Animated Explainer Videos

For Your Business, From Just $449!

"Premium Marketing Video Production, Without Breaking The Budget." 

Every Video Package Includes:

Compelling Script Creation

Professional Studio Voice Over

Royalty-Free Musical Backtrack

Custom Animation Tailored to Your Brand

100% Ownership of Your Final HD Video

Dedicated Project Manager

Just a few Satisfied Customers...

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Customer #2

Renae C.

"I had a great experience with Anim8stories. Andrew, my project manager, is a great guy and was very responsive to my emails. He understood what I needed and was able to create a perfect animation video for me in the short timeline. He offered excellent customer service, was easy to work with, and most importantly was able to deliver."

How Does it work ?

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With your guidance, we immerse ourselves in your project and become familiar with your goals, come to understand your audience and positioning, identify targets, formulate key messages, and pitch creative approaches. 

Our artists work with the approved script and provide various ideas for imaging, graphic text, and animation that compliments the narration to help your audience easily understand how your product or service works for them. Your input is important and you get to comment on each frame until satisfied with the vision.

The actual creative process begins with the “Word” and we wordsmith difficult concepts into short and powerful phrases and sound bites that resonate with your audience and prompt them to take the action you desire. Your feedback helps us polish the script until it is approved for storyboarding.

1 - Discovery

2 - Scriptwriting

3 - Storyboarding


4 - Animation

The storyboard is then used as a guide for the animation department  to help them create stunning and powerful computer graphics that will make your video unique yet look familiar to your audience by including all your branding elements.


5 - Voice Recording

We present you with samples of narration to choose from spoken by professional voice-over artists from around the world. Once talent is selected, the script is recorded and upon approval, added to the video soundtrack as well as any sound effects and music that’s been requested. 

6 - PostProduction & Delivery

The last step in the production process is  to fine-tune the video as needed to make sure it conforms to expectations and the run-time limit. Once complete, your video is ready for download in various viewing formats and ready to post on a host of communication channels!

Corporate Videos

App and Software Demo Videos

Branding and Marketing Videos

Staff Training Videos

Product Demo Videos

Educational Videos

We create custom animted videos to empower marketing, sales & training for your business. Partner with us for a headache-free experience, within your budget!

See Examples of Our Videos

We've produced Hundreds of Videos for Happy clients all over the world, Here are a sample of it !

Where's the Catch 

How do we offer such low pricing for a custom video,
when some competitors charge 2-10x higher?

We're able to maintain competitive pricing, because we use a wide-ranging library of pre-created video elements.  We have access to thousands of different customizable objects, characters, shapes, backgrounds, and more...  


This means we don’t need to draw up each video element from scratch, every time!

Instead, your video will be tailor-made to match your unique marketing story, branding and colours, using our massive database of elements, which are dynamic enough to explain and visualize any topic, or industry.

Your logo, product images, and any other visual elements can also be included in your video at no extra cost.

The result will be a totally unique, premium explainer video that has a similar general "look & feel" to the videos you see in our portfolio examples section above.  Not to mention...  You'll get outstanding service!

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit Card, Bank Transfer

What is the best-selling video type?

Whiteboard are definetely the best-selling video type

Who owns the rights to the video?

The client owns the rights to the final video in MP4 format. The source files are however Anim8stories’ property.

How long does it take to get the video?

A company has to consider many factors in order to determine how long it will take to produce an explainer video. They must figure out the script, visuals, animation, voiceover and sound effects. The length of the video will also change the amount of time it takes to produce. A 30-second video will be very different than a 5-minute video. It's important for companies to come up. in general, it takes up to 3-4 weeks depending on client responsiveness and number of revisions. We do have expedited delivery of 5 or 10-business days, but that service is an additional cost.

What are the benefits of using animation?

Animation is a great tool for explaining step by step processes and can be used to engage the viewer. Animations are a great way of capturing the attention of viewers and conveying complicated information in an easy-to-understand manner. They also allow businesses to talk about their products and services in a more visual way than just text or images.

Can I change my video's length after ordering?

You can adjust the video length after ordering, but be aware that you will have to pay an additional fee for this service.

What makes our Anim8stories different from other companies in the industry?

We are a full service agency that specializes in explainer videos. We offer all of the necessary services to make your explainer video idea come to life. We are not just another company in the industry. We are an agency that believes in making your vision come to life using our expertise which includes animated video production, animation, motion graphics, sound design, voiceover talent and more. We make sure that we provide a content-first approach to every project. We don't just take care of the technical side of things, but also the emotional. In addition, we have an in-house production team that manages all aspects of video production from ideation to delivery, which means you get a better quality of work at a competitive price!

Is it possible to make more than one video at once?

Yes, we can produce multiple simultaneously.

How do I get started?

To start a video, a 50% deposit on full price is required if paying by CC or bank transfer.

I already have a script, can we use it?

Yes, we will gladly use a clients’ script.

Still not sure which video is a good fit for you?

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