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Why You Should Use Motion & Graphics Videos

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

One of the biggest trends in the digital space is the use of video. Content is about telling a story. Whether the story is about changes in compliance, your product, or your customers, the primary goal as a content creator is to share a message that compels, persuades, and convinces audiences to act.

If you have a good story, but you deliver it poorly, your audience is less likely to take action. This is where animated video can help. Animated video is rich and engaging medium that is cost effective and easy to manage and will help your key points stand out. It offers all the benefits of a visual medium with much lower resource requirements than you might expect.

Bring any concept to life

With animated videos, you are free to do whatever you want. Let your imagination be free !

It gives you the ability to bring any concept to life, no matter how complex or original.

Here is one example :

Give context to your ideas

If you start by taking a close-up of a person, and you continue to zoom out to highlight a crowd and end up with a large top view, the result will be surprising. In fact, it is even possible to go even further by zooming out to show our entire galaxy.

That puts that lonely person you started out with in perspective, doesn't it? This is virtually impossible in real life, but with motion video, it's a snap! Animated video is a great way to put even your wackiest ideas into context.

Adopt the right tone

Sometimes your post may get confused with depiction of real people, or may even fail to explain the topic in question. For example, which option would you use to tackle complex topics like sexual harassment training? The situation depends on various elements.

With animated video, you can eliminate all of these factors and achieve a wider range of emotional tones. This can help cover difficult topics effectively, without putting the audience in a bewildering position.

Visually represent abstract ideas

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using motion video is the ease with which you can visually capture abstract ideas.

But what if you wanted to capture something really big (like global logistics), or something very small (like how a microprocessor works), or maybe something abstract (like Bitcoin). It becomes a little more difficult. This is where the moving video has the advantage. With animated video, you can easily capture ideas that are difficult to represent on a screen without constraints.

Easy management of video production

If you've ever shot a live video, you probably know it is a complicated and sometimes frustrating process. You have to worry about the location, the actors, the props, the equipment, the sets, and that doesn't even take the weather into account!

With animated video, none of these factors are binding on you. You can change the background, move characters, and even add accessories with a single click, drag and drop. This makes it easy to test different ways of communicating your message.

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