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Why your brand should invest in video marketing?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If you're not already on the video marketing bandwagon, you better watch a movie. People now spend 80% of their time watching videos online, and 87% of online influencers and marketers are currently creating videos as their primary form of content.

Creating video in-house can be a long and expensive process, but with experts you can essentially generate high quality video content.

The video is more attractive

Let's face it, we would all go for a two minute video rather than a 500 word article every day. Videos engage our senses more than any other form of content. Since we cannot yet touch, taste, or smell everything on our screens, watching it and hearing it is the best thing to do.

Besides being entertaining, the videos are also proven to make it easier to consume information. When a viewer is engaged with a video, they will retain 95% of their message, compared to only 10% when playing.

Increase your brand awareness

In this tech-savvy society, people are likely to get a first impression of your brand while surfing the web, so it's important to ride that wave. Your brand identity and personality is based entirely on the content you communicate to the world, and customers will shape their perception based on those communications.

Video content is unique because it not only tells the story of your brand, it shows it. Creating fun and lively video content will show your brand's personality better and will likely be seen, liked and shared. Statistics also show that brands and marketers who use video marketing are growing their revenue 49% faster than other users. The more people who know you, the more likely you are to attract customers.

Better social reach

Making sure people can find you online is key to building your brand, and video content is the most effective way to expand your reach online. Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined, and the more people who share your brand, the better.

Telling your brand's story through professionally created videos is an effective way to take advantage of this exposure, as it allows potential customers to experience your brand for themselves.

An authentic recommendation

Research shows that 94% of people trust friends or strangers for their buying decisions compared to all other forms of marketing f

or their buying decisions.

If you deliver quality video to a captive audience or a loyal audience, your product is bound to sell. Videos are the future of marketing.

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